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MCB-A - Museum website | Screenshot of the website
MCB-A - Museum website
Wireframes I worked on before the website was published
MCB-A | More wireframes I worked on

:ratio UX agency (Fall 2018)

Internship projects | Information Architecture | Wireframing

As part of my bachelor I spent a 6 months internship at the UX agency :ratio in Switzerland.

This was a truly great experience which taught me so much about UX, it was my first real "9 to 5" job so I also learned about the professional world. The two main projects I worked on during my time there were the designing of two websites which are both currently online.

First there is the website of a big art museum in Lausanne, the MCB-A, for which I helped create the wireframes together with one colleague. I organized all the content the the museum gave us, found elegant ways of displaying it and conceptualized many tools such as the filters, the language menu and the footer.

The second website is the one the directory of all the flora of the county of Geneva, the SIPV. Again I worked with one colleague on this but I was very involved in this project and I built most of the wireframes that lead to this website. There is so much data that needed to be organized that it was quite a challenge to create a simple platform that anyone can use and understand. It was important for our client that the data was not only easier to access but also understandable for the public. I had to teach myself about plants and ecosystems and communicate closely with the client to make sure we were delivering the best product and I am very proud of how the final website turned out.

SIPV - Directory of the flora of Geneva
High fidelity mockups I worked on before the website was published
SIPV | Another mockup